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      Telemedicine app
      Telehealth solution: 5-7% boost in financial results
      Timspark addressed the client’s need in telehealth app development and created native iOS and Android applications, integrating them in the SaaS healthcare environment.

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      Our client is a telehealth software vendor specializing in platform-driven digital health solutions and white-label applications.
      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers

      2021 — Ongoing
      8 specialists

      Team involved in the project

      Remote patient care app
      Native Android (Android Studio 4.1.0+, Kotlin), Native iOS (Objective-C, Swift)

      2 x iOS Developers

      2 x Android Developers
      1 x Project Manager
      1 x Business Analyst
      1 x UI/UX Designer
      1 x QA Engineer

      Let’s build something great together


        The main goal was to create a telehealth solution for iOS and Android platforms that would work seamlessly with the current telehealth web platform in the SaaS healthcare software system.

        Related objectives

        Incorporate video conferencing functionality
        Guarantee HIPAA adherence
        Achieve smooth integration

        Solution & functionality

        The team crafted a digital healthcare solution for remote medical care available on both iOS and Android. While working on telemedicine app development, we considered every facet of the healthcare process, from appointment scheduling to reimbursement processing. This resulted in the creation of two modules: one for physicians and one for patients.

        Patient module


        To get access, users should pass through multi-factor authorization. As the product targets the US market, this measure is especially crucial regarding HIPAA-compliancy rules.

        Personalization features

        Patients input their symptoms into the chatbot, and the system correlates them with relevant physicians.

        Easy scheduling

        All healthcare workers have their profiles with comprehensive information, like experience, education, and timetable. Patients receive smart suggestions from the chatbot or can choose the available doctors in the list via filtering and schedule a consultation. After confirmation from the doctor, the system sends a push notification to the patient.

        Multimedia integration

        For doctor-patient consultations, the telehealth solution offers video calls. All electronic appointments are securely recorded and saved in a HIPAA-compliant cloud. When necessary, participants can exchange text messages and multimedia content. After the e-visit, patients are encouraged to give feedback and evaluate the doctor’s performance. Ultimately, the doctor devises a treatment plan, schedules necessary lab tests, prescribes required medications and organizes the next appointment.

        Physician module

        Functionality for physicians and the administrative staff

        Within the telemed app, doctors have access to timetables, can validate appointments, engage in electronic consultations, prescribe medications, and generate treatment outlines. They are able to access the patients’ profiles to monitor vitals, medication intake, view appointment history, and analyze medical records.
        As for the administrative staff, all the critical data is synchronized within the app which can be effortlessly linked with in-house telehealth software solutions, and the administrators can easily oversee reimbursement and healthcare billing processes.

        Results and business value

        The team crafted native applications for iOS and Android for remote healthcare, seamlessly merging them into the client’s healthcare software setup. We provide ongoing support and implementation of new functionality for the released product.

        HIPAA compliance and secure PHI

        Reduced costs for healthcare delivery

        Expected 5-7% boost in economic results

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