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      Computer Vision in Agriculture

      How Computer Vision in Agriculture Helps Track Bee Population and Health

      Timspark used AI to make mobile computer vision software to track the beehive life. We also predict how the bee population will grow and how healthy it is overall.





      It was Timspark’s internal project. We were eager to independently grow expertise in Machine Learning and built an ML-powered app with prediction functionality for agriculture.

      Project in numbers


      6 months


      4 specialists

      Team involved in the project




      Mobile computer vision software for beehive tracking


      Python, PyTorch, YOLOv3, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Swift 5

      1 x Lead Data Scientist

      1 x iOS Developer

      1 x Data Engineer

      1 x Project Manager

      1 x QA

      Let’s build something great together


        Our team did it all for this project – from planning the product’s architecture to labeling the data and training the neural network. This hands-on approach to computer vision services helped us become experts in the field and led to a fully working product as the outcome. We tackled a set of machine learning challenges and industry-related standards of using computer vision in agriculture, too.

        Solution & functionality

        Our ready-made solution is a mobile app that uses computer vision in agriculture to count bees in the hive accurately. It also creates user-friendly charts and graphs, making it easy to monitor the hive’s growth and health.

        Object detection for beehive population count and health tracking

        We have harnessed object recognition technology, so now it is possible to scan and instantly figure out how many bees are in the hive. Also, the solution helps distinguish the regular bees from the queen bees.

        A modern user-friendly mobile app

        Our team built mobile computer vision software from the ground up with an easy-to-use interface. We also added a feature where a client can get automatic reports about the hive’s status using the information uploaded.

        Results and business value

        We’ve successfully crafted computer vision solutions for iOS, designed to assist beekeepers in caring for their beehives more effectively.


        Our app offers a major time-saving advantage. With traditional manual inspections taking up to an hour per beehive, our computer vision services help beekeepers inspect a hive in just 10 minutes or even less.

        Other cases

        TL, PM, BA, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Data Engineers, ML Engineers, BI developers, QA Engineer, AQA Engineer
        Python, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Power BI, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
        Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment
        Project Manager, Flutter Devs, DevOps Engineer, Python Developer, QA Engineer
        Android, iOS, Python, Dart, Flutter, Django, PostgreSQL
        Cloud Architect, BAs, Project Manager, DevOps Engineers, System Engineers
        Jira, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, Load Runner, Selenium, ..

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