Industry Expertise

Our engineers already gained deep expertise in 10+ key business areas and keep delivering customized software in other domains with guaranteed high quality and speed.


— Cloud security
— Cybersecurity
— AI-enhanced security solutions

eCommerce & Retail

– Online shopping
– Enterprise marketplaces
– NFT marketplaces
– Content management systems
– Inventory management platforms
– Trade platforms

Business management

— Invoicing software
— Asset management
— CRM systems
— Database software


— Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
— Project management
— Customer portal & partner portal
— Construction integrations
— Analytics & reporting

Finance, Banking & Insurance

– Digital banking
– Online payment software
– Digital lending solutions
– Trading & investment platforms
– Personal finance

Healthcare & Life sciences

– Telemedicine apps
– Hospital/patient apps
– IoMT
– Remote patient monitoring
– Hospital inventory management

Enterprise & Manufacturing

– Content management systems
– Enterprise resource planning
– Predictive maintenance
– Process automation software

Hi-Tech & Innovations

– Blockchain
– Metaverse
– Machine learning

IoT software development

– Custom IoT software development
– IoT analytics
– IoT hardware solutions
– IoT app management and support
– IoT security services
– IoT consulting

Travel & Hospitality

— Travel app development
— Hospitality management solutions
— Hotel reservation solutions
— Car rental systems
— Software for OTAs

Automotive industry

– Logistics solutions
– Remote vehicle control
Vehicle data management
Digital twins


Media & Entertainment

— Digital asset management platforms
— Social media apps
— Video on Demand
— Video streaming
— Live streaming

eLearning & Education

– eLearning platforms
– Mobile eLearning platforms
– Distance learning platforms
– Learning experience platforms
– VR training apps

Transportation & Logistics

— Fleet management systems
— Warehouse management
— Vehicle maintenance
— Remote vehicle monitoring
— Transport platforms

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Our success stories

Health Management App: Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment

The team built a user-friendly asthma care app for iOS and Android platforms from the ground up, seamlessly integrating AI and ML algorithms.

Enhancing efficiency: Migrating a non-scalable corporate system to a cloud-based solution

Our team migrated an existing non-scalable corporate system of the client to the cloud, creating a fault-tolerant automated system for swift collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data that can be used for efficient data-driven decisions.

Mobile banking app development: Applications as a digital wallet

For one of the leading banks in the UK, our team has improved the customer’s mobile banking experience by building software for card issuance machines, supplying contactless deposits/withdrawals with the help of QR codes, and making certain ATMs’ integration with Google.

Mobile data security software for a telecom provider with 9.5M Users

As a part of a global team, our talented engineers built iOS and Android mobile security apps for a prominent US telecom giant.

Securing document management: Mobile app harnessing Blockchain technology

For an IT company developing high-quality tailor-made software based on Blockchain technology, our team has developed mobile native apps for document management that is based on blockchain technology.

Transforming travel experiences: Mobile app for active travelers

The travel guide app allows hikers, bikers and paddlers to explore the most popular routes around the world. With GPS, the app guides users along trails and towns even if their mobile devices are offline.

Enhancing digital security: Android ID scanner & secure transaction app

For one of the leading banks in the UK, our team has improved the customer’s mobile banking experience by building software for card issuance machines, supplying contactless deposits/withdrawals with the help of QR codes, and making certain ATMs’ integration with Google.

Unleashing pharmaceutical success: Sales & marketing analytics for a global industry leader

To provide business users with a comprehensive source of information for their operational work, our team analyzed sales, markets, and competitors for a pharmaceutical company with details of pharmacies. This enabled us to combine multiple external and internal sources, resulting in cost savings of around 250,000$ annually by eliminating an external analytical service.

Enhancing retail strategy: Electronic market analyses for a European retailer

Our team conducted electronic market analyses for a European retailer, resulting in a plan-fact analysis, forecasting, KPI calculation, and data presentation in a tabular dashboards form with the ability to see explanation when hovering over the number of interests.

Unveiling history: Augmented reality travel app

This innovative travel app with an augmented reality module, built-in Google maps, geolocation features, and educational content offers users the ability to witness historical events and visualize lost artifacts in immersive 3D.

Streamlining payments and operations: Loyalty card payment app

Our team developed a solution for loyalty cards with built-in chips for NFC payments via PAX terminals. The application can read data from cards using NFC technology and top up loyalty card accounts through interaction with the server.

Boosting efficiency and cost savings: Streamlined web-based HRM ecosystem

Our team built a web-based internal HRM ecosystem which includes personnel tracking, benefits, recruiting, onboarding, learning, and customizable business processes for personal development, vacation requests, contracts, and more, reducing costs and improving workflows for an international company with 1,000+ employees.

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