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    List of IT events in Q2'24

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      Industry Expertise

      Our engineers already gained deep expertise in 10+ key business areas and keep delivering customized software in other domains with guaranteed high quality and speed.

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        • Cloud security

        • AI-enhanced security solutions

        • Telemedicine apps

        • Hospital/patient apps

        • IoMT

        • Remote patient monitoring

        • Hospital inventory management

        Automotive industry

        • Logistics solutions

        • Remote vehicle control

        • Vehicle data management

        • Digital twins

        eCommerce & retail

        • Online shopping

        • Enterprise marketplaces

        • NFT marketplaces

        • Content management systems

        • Inventory management platforms

        • Trade platforms

        Enterprise & manufacturing

        • Content management systems

        • Enterprise resource planning

        • Predictive maintenance

        • Process automation software

        Media & entertainment

        • Digital asset management platforms

        • Social media apps

        • Video on Demand

        • Video streaming

        • Live streaming

        Business management

        • Invoicing software

        • Asset management

        • CRM systems

        • Database software

        Hi-Tech & innovations

        • NFT

        • Blockchain

        • Metaverse

        • Machine learning

        • AR/VR/MR

        eLearning & education

        • LMS

        • eLearning platforms

        • Mobile eLearning platforms

        • Distance learning platforms

        • Learning experience platforms

        • VR training apps


        • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

        • Project management

        • Customer portal & partner portal

        • Construction integrations

        • Analytics & reporting

        IoT software development

        • Custom IoT software development

        • IoT analytics

        • IoT hardware solutions

        • IoT app management and support

        • IoT security services

        • IoT consulting

        Transportation & logistics

        • Fleet management systems

        • Warehouse management

        • Vehicle maintenance

        • Remote vehicle monitoring

        • Transport platforms

        Finance, banking & insurance

        • Digital banking

        • Online payment software

        • Digital lending solutions

        • Trading & investment platforms

        • Personal finance

        Travel & hospitality

        • Metaverse avatars

        • Hospitality management solutions

        • Hotel reservation solutions

        • Car rental systems

        • Software for OTAs

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