Healthcare Software Development

At Timspark, we care for the quality of the products we develop as much as our clients care for their patients. Seamless customer experiences, precise diagnoses, favorable treatment decisions and results — this is the purpose behind our HealthTech solutions.

Let’s build something great together

    We make innovative life-saving and wellness-promoting custom healthcare software solutions. Timspark experts will help you realize your ambitious plans, whether you aim to develop an essential therapeutic, diagnostic, or medical management solution.

    Let’s build something great together

      When developing MedTech solutions, Timspark engineers take advantage of the latest industry trends to ensure seamless experience and best value possible.

      HealthTech solutions we offer

      Telehealth solutions*

      *The global telehealth market is to increase by 18% in 2023 (2023 Business Outlook Trends for Healthcare Industry)

      • mobile healthcare applications
      • video appointments
      • chatbots
      • remote diagnosis and monitoring
      Benefits for the client
      • Improved access and efficiency of healthcare delivery
      • Relieved healthcare facilities

      Cloud based solutions

      *Cloud technologies in Medtech are likely to receive more CIOs funding in 2023 compared to 2022 (2023 Gartner ‘CIO Agenda Insights for Healthcare Payers How your peers are investing’)

      • secure and scalable data storage
      • electronic health records (EHR)
      • hospital information system (HIS)
      • data backup and disaster recovery
      • integration support for healthcare systems and applications
      • security and compliance
      Benefits for the client
      • Costs reduction
      • Increased scalability
      • Collaboration in healthcare systems

      IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

      *Healthcare cybersecurity market is expected to witness market growth at a rate of 18.1% from 2022-2028 (Vantage Market Research).

      • remote patient monitoring
      • medical devices with sensors and trackers
      • wearables
      • health monitors in healthcare institutions
      Benefits for the client
      • Improved diagnoses at a lower cost
      • Streamlined hospital operations
      • Reduced burden on practitioners
      • Transfer of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

      (DFD) Digital Front Door for Patients

      *85% of consumers want a more connected, personal health care experience (The CVS Health 2022 Health Care Insights Study)

      • online check-ins
      • access to lab results
      • appointment requests
      • paying medical bills
      • communication with the doctor’s office
      Benefits for the client
      • Easy access
      • Tasks

      AI software solutions

      *AI technologies are most likely to be implemented by 2025 throughout the whole healthcare industry (2023 Gartner ‘CIO Agenda Insights for Healthcare Payers How your peers are investing’)

      • patterns and predictive analytics
      • diagnosis and treatment
      • drug discovery
      • chatbots and virtual health assistants
      Benefits for the client
      • Enhanced accuracy and speed
      • Innovation of healthcare solutions

      Big data/analytics

      *Big Data in Healthcare market size is projected to reach USD 105.73 Billion by 2030 (Straits Research 2022)

      • real-time data storage
      • predictive analytics
      Benefits for the client
      • Improved quality, efficiency, and outcomes
      • Better decision making
      • Cost reduction

      EHR software solutions (Electronic Health Records)

      *According to research for MedTech, in the US 88.2% of office-based physicians use EMR/EHR systems, and 77.8% use certified EMR/EHR systems.

      • hospital information systems
      • digitized patient records
      • integrated patient portals, telehealth and data analytics features
      Benefits for the client
      • Streamlined treatment processes
        error reduction
      • Optimized document flow
      • Enhanced patient safety

      Our healthcare software

      development cases


      TL, PM, BA, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Data Engineers, ML Engineers, BI developers, QA Engineer, AQA Engineer


      Python, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Power BI, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

      Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment


      Project Manager, Flutter Devs, DevOps Engineer, Python Developer, QA Engineer


      Android, iOS, Python, Dart, Flutter, Django, PostgreSQL

      telehealth solution


      Project Manager, iOS Developers, Android Developers, Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, QA Engineer


      Android Studio, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift

      Security and healthcare compliance services

      When transferred remotely, valuable health data like electronic medical records, applications, and diagnostic tests are at high risk. With Timspark, we safeguard you from financial and reputation losses. We guarantee your data’s availability, confidentiality, and integrity, as well as adherence to healthcare regulatory standards.

      • For companies that store, process, or transmit personal health data:
        – healthcare providers
        – medical device manufacturers
        – healthcare software vendors
      • For entities dealing with EU residents’ data
      • For software vendors, delivering software operating with EU residents’ data
      HITECH Act
      • For healthcare providers that electronic health records (EHR)
      ISO 13485
      • For medical device manufacturers
      • For healthcare software vendors


      HealthTech mobile apps development

      We develop user-friendly mobile applications for healthcare professionals, medical institutions, and patients, ensuring they are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures.

      Telemedicine and telehealth apps

      Mobile apps for health monitoring, medication adherence, and chronic disease management

      Patient mobile apps

      Apps that improve the healthcare experience for both patients, like appointment scheduling, medication reminders, access to medical records, and others.

      Hospital mobile apps

      Apps for healthcare providers with features like patient registration, bill payment, appointment management, and more.

      Chronic disease management (CDMS)

      A chronic disease management system is usually integrated with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the patient’s application, offering personalized care, health plans, and digital therapeutics supported with gamification features.

      Select Timspark engineering services for your mobile health application

      Why choose Timspark

      Our healthcare software developers have helped clients for 15+ years. We attribute this success to the unique business model and approach we put into practice. These are the key components that help us achieve goals.


      In-depth industry expertise

      As a custom healthcare software development company, we build top-notch MedTech solutions that empower healthcare providers and developers in their pursuit of digital transformation.

      Information security

      Our approach to healthcare software development rests on profound expertise in cybersecurity and a deep understanding of healthcare compliance. 

      Fast time-to-market

      We streamline the delivery lifecycle to achieve efficiency, speed, and customer-centricity, which helps us deliver healthcare software development services quickly and efficiently.

      Cost-effective solutions

      Fast and consistent delivery helps us avoid roadblocks and additional costs in healthcare software development and bring the maximum value possible.

      Other Timspark’s success stories

      Enhancing digital security: Android ID scanner & secure transaction app

      For one of the leading banks in the UK, our team has improved the customer’s mobile banking experience by building software for card issuance machines, supplying contactless deposits/withdrawals with the help of QR codes, and making certain ATMs’ integration with Google.

      Securing document management: Mobile app harnessing Blockchain technology

      For an IT company developing high-quality tailor-made software based on Blockchain technology, our team has developed mobile native apps for document management that is based on blockchain technology.

      Transforming travel experiences: Mobile app for active travelers

      The travel guide app allows hikers, bikers and paddlers to explore the most popular routes around the world. With GPS, the app guides users along trails and towns even if their mobile devices are offline.

      Unleashing pharmaceutical success: Sales & marketing analytics for a global industry leader

      To provide business users with a comprehensive source of information for their operational work, our team analyzed sales, markets, and competitors for a pharmaceutical company with details of pharmacies. This enabled us to combine multiple external and internal sources, resulting in cost savings of around 250,000$ annually by eliminating an external analytical service.

      Enhancing retail strategy: Electronic market analyses for a European retailer

      Our team conducted electronic market analyses for a European retailer, resulting in a plan-fact analysis, forecasting, KPI calculation, and data presentation in a tabular dashboards form with the ability to see explanation when hovering over the number of interests.

      Streamlining payments and operations: Loyalty card payment app

      Our team developed a solution for loyalty cards with built-in chips for NFC payments via PAX terminals. The application can read data from cards using NFC technology and top up loyalty card accounts through interaction with the server.

      Unveiling history: Augmented reality travel app

      This innovative travel app with an augmented reality module, built-in Google maps, geolocation features, and educational content offers users the ability to witness historical events and visualize lost artifacts in immersive 3D.

      Enhancing efficiency: Migrating a non-scalable corporate system to a cloud-based solution

      Our team migrated an existing non-scalable corporate system of the client to the cloud, creating a fault-tolerant automated system for swift collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data that can be used for efficient data-driven decisions.

      Boosting efficiency and cost savings: Streamlined web-based HRM ecosystem

      Our team built a web-based internal HRM ecosystem which includes personnel tracking, benefits, recruiting, onboarding, learning, and customizable business processes for personal development, vacation requests, contracts, and more, reducing costs and improving workflows for an international company with 1,000+ employees.


      Gain a cutting edge in the industry, whether you aim for anything disruptive in your usual domain or wish to make a bold entrance. You can rely on our expertise across diverse industries:

      • Finance & banking
      • Healthcare
      • Business management
      • Education
      • Retail & eCommerce
      • Tourism
      • Transportation & Logistics
      • Security
      • Automotive industry
      • Construction
      • Media & entertainment
      • Social networks