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Let’s build something great together

    How We Work

    At Timspark, we are passionate about helping businesses grow. Rely on the assistance of our seasoned engineers and teams to build tailored and premium-quality software solutions.

    We are flexible

    Choose from three engagement models, depending on your business needs. With either of them, you will enjoy superior quality and reach your business goals with top-notch solutions.

    Core teams
    A perfect model to address your unique business needs with maximum efficiency and dedication.
    A typical Core Team is a pre-formed squad of 2-7 seasoned professionals, with a Team Leader, a BA, developers, and in most cases, DevOps as crucial team players. As they all have a deep expertise and are highly motivated, it’s the proven way to reach your aims with maximum success and highest value. If required, the Core Team can be bolstered by additional engineers to create a Project team.
    Dedicated teams
    A cost-effective model for a long-term commitment, with a team assembled specifically for your project.
    After assembling, the developers stay continuously engaged, adding value throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Moreover, the team players have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the project’s success.
    Team augmentation
    A scalable solution to supercharge your team with a particular skillset from on-demand specialists.

    Our seasoned engineers can join forces with your in-house team on a short-term or during a busy period, at any stage of the project development. Onboard standalone engineers or hire as many tech specialists as you need to get precisely the skills tailored to changing business needs and optimize resources.

    Let’s build something great together

      IT project outsourcing
      Project-based engagement to help speed up the technology transformation of your business.
      Our full-fledged team, with a dedicated project manager, will take charge of end-to-end development for your project, including design, deployment, and testing. Let yourself focus on business growth while we take care of engineering challenges.

      Let’s build something great together

        Let’s build something great together

          Still not sure what engagement model suits you best?

          Let’s build something great together

            We believe there is more to the project’s efficiency than just perfect delivery. You will be aware of what is going on at each stage of the project. Our PMs will keep communication clear and transparent, transferring your business requirements to the team undistorted, keeping an eye on the budget and deadlines.

            Alex Velesnitski

            Chief Technology Officer

            Alex Velesnitski

            Chief Technology Officer

            Let’s build something great together

              We are transparent

              Our fundamental goal is to bring maximum value and satisfaction to you on our mutual journey, starting from day one of our collaboration.

              Ideation & Discovery

              We figure out what the software should do and what problem it will solve:

              • Business requirements analysis
              • Scope definition
              • Technical feasibility assessment
              • Research & development
              • Risk analysis & mitigation
              • Cost estimation & proposal preparation

              Planning & Designing

              This is where we decide how the software will look and function.

              Software Design

              • Requirements analysis
              • Data design
              • Interface design
              • Component selection
              • Performance optimization
              • Scalability and extensibility

              Software Architecture

              • Architectural styles
              • Design patterns
              • System behavior
              • Quality attributes
              • Deployment considerations


              We write the actual code to bring the design to life.


              We make sure everything works correctly and fix any issues.

              • Quality assurance
              • Cybersecurity testing
              • Automation testing
              • Load testing


              We ensure the software works smoothly, launch the product, and make it available.

              • Cloud solutions/integration
              • Continuous integration (CI)
              • Continuous delivery (CD)

              Maintenance & Support

              We continue to improve and update the software as needed.

              • Troubleshooting
              • Performance monitoring
              • Continuous optimization

              Our software development approach

              We apply adaptable development strategies and project management methods so that remote engineers can seamlessly integrate with your in-house team.


              *Although the Agile approach is applicable in various scenarios, we are also open to employing alternative methodologies, such as Waterfall, depending on our clients’ specific goals.

              • A good fit for most small and medium-sized projects where one team is engaged
              Scrum of Scrums
              • A technique which can scale Scrum on with many teams with minimum effort.
              Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
              • A set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices. It can be applied to projects where teams work on multiple products in parallel.

              Adhering to Agile principles enhances transparency, flexibility, and collaboration within the team. We most often implement Scrum or Kanban methodology for projects of any type and scale, depending on the customer’s needs and priorities. 

              • Used for specific cases where the project scope existing conditions on the Client’s side are more applicable for Kanban and follow principles of Lean Development.
              Large-scale Scrum (LeSS)
              • A framework for multiple teams working on a standard product.

              Let’s build something great together

                We do more than just deliver

                At Timspark, we craft software that turns complex business challenges into competitive advantages. Here is why clients choose us:

                Engineering excellence

                Seasoned engineers and 30+ dedicated teams are driven not just to meet, but to exceed expectations with solutions that are both elegant and robust.

                Strategic insight

                We delve deep into your business needs, aligning our tech expertise with your long-term goals.

                Swift delivery

                With Timspark, agility meets precision, ensuring faster go-to-market without compromising quality.

                Cost-effective solutions

                Fast and consistent delivery helps us avoid roadblocks and additional costs in the development process and bring the maximum value possible.

                Our vision is to redefine software development worldwide and inspire teams to deliver top results with in-house-like dedication.

                Alex Velesnitski

                Chief Technology Officer

                Why choose Timspark

                Casual in-house software development

                Cost & time

                Extra costs and effort on talent acquisition, management, infrastructure, training, and certification

                Beneficial only in the long term.


                High risks of staff turnover. Limited flexibility.


                Deep understanding of the users, but possible skills gaps and lack of expertise needed to foresee trends and adapt to the dynamic market.

                Our innovative software development services and consulting

                Cost & time

                Reduced costs, less time and effort on talent acquisition, infrastructure, and technologies

                Profitable for any period, possible to scale up and down.


                Possibility to augment the team at any time. Great flexibility and higher delivery speed.


                Access to a vast pool of talents with well-versed tech skills, business expertise, and a set of tools.

                Success stories

                telehealth solution
                Project Manager, iOS Developers, Android Developers, Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, QA Engineer

                Android Studio, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift

                Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment
                Project Manager, Flutter Devs, DevOps Engineer, Python Developer, QA Engineer
                Android, iOS, Python, Dart, Flutter, Django, PostgreSQL


                Cloud Architect, BAs, Project Manager, DevOps Engineers, System Engineers


                Jira, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, Load Runner, Selenium, ..

                Stay ahead of the competition — choose software development services from Timspark!

                Let’s build something great together

                  We appreciate your interest in Timspark