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    Let’s build something great together

      Our success stories

      We blend technical and business expertise of skilled teams and engineers to achieve excellence


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      Core services we provide

      Full-cycle product development

      We deliver a high-quality market-ready product that meets your customers’ needs, from conceptualization to the design phase to final production and launch.

      IT consulting

      With our technology audit and consulting expertise, we offer holistic guidance to businesses, identify areas for improvement, and develop effective strategies to meet your business needs.

      Our vision is to redefine software development worldwide and inspire teams to deliver top results with in-house-like dedication.

      Alex Velesnitski

      Chief Technology Officer

      Alex Velesnitski

      Chief Technology Officer

      How you can work with us

      We are flexible. At Timspark, we offer different engagement models, from full-fledged teams to staff augmentation, to help you achieve your current business needs.

      Core teams

      Pre-built development teams with deep expertise

      Dedicated teams

      Development units built specifically for your project

      Team augmentation

      Skilled engineers to enhance your in-house team

      Services we provide

      Mobile app development

      At Timspark, we leverage our technical expertise to deliver tailored mobile app development solutions that cater to our clients' unique business requirements, regardless of their complexity.

      Custom software development services

      With Timspark's assistance, you will gain a competitive advantage in the market, empowered with effective solutions at all the significant stages of your workflow.

      DevOps and cloud solutions

      Going along with the industry trends for scalability and security of infrastructures, we will empower your business with robust and cost-effective solutions.

      Data management and analysis

      We harness leading-edge tools for data management, visualization, and performance analytics to provide data solutions and valuable insights for informed decision-making.

      AI software development

      Make the most of the latest AI tech in computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent automation, and more with Timspark.

      DevSecOps consulting services

      Timspark provides reliable DevSecOps solutions that seamlessly incorporate security practices into every phase of the software delivery lifecycle, ensuring not just protection, but resilience.

      BPM and CRM systems

      We employ advanced technologies to align all the processes at your enterprise within an easy-to-manage platform, minimize effort and maximize value for your business.

      Backend development

      We specialize in creating robust, scalable, and secure server-side solutions for businesses. Our teams build backend and underlying infrastructure that remains scalable and highly available.

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      Let’s build something great together

        Industries we innovate

        Our expert teams and engineers have helped numerous businesses and organizations to achieve their objectives. We are ready to apply our extensive experience and battle-proven approach to help you succeed every step of the way. Explore the industries where we can get you covered.

        Finance, banking and insurance

        – Digital banking
        – Online payment software
        – Digital lending solutions
        – Trading & investment platforms
        – Personal finance

        eCommerce & Retail

        – Online shopping
        – Enterprise marketplaces
        – NFT marketplaces
        – Content management systems
        – Inventory management platforms
        – Trade platforms

        Hi-Tech & Innovations

        – NFT
        – Blockchain
        – Metaverse
        – Machine learning
        – AR/VR/MR

        Healthcare & Life Sciences

        – Telemedicine apps
        – Hospital/patient apps
        – IoMT
        – Remote patient monitoring
        – Hospital inventory management

        eLearning & Education

        – LMS
        – eLearning platforms
        – Mobile eLearning platforms
        – Distance learning platforms
        – Learning experience platforms
        – VR training apps

        Enterprise & Manufacturing

        – Content management systems
        – Enterprise resource planning
        – Predictive maintenance
        – Process automation software

        The answers are here

        Why ‘Timspark’? What stands behind your brand?

        As an aspiring company, we love challenges, value drive, and determination, and we still know how to stay flexible in the ever-changing landscape. So when you read or hear 'Timspark', we would like you to think about the momentum that sparks talented engineers and teams on their way to success. At the same time, the naming symbolizes the friendly ecosystem where professionals grow into seasoned squads and become mature.

        What makes you different?

        Our business model has a traditional outsourcing basis of staff augmentation and dedicated teams. Yet we take a step further and expand it with a bold new vision of so-called Core Teams (teams of 2-5 seasoned specialists that accumulate expertise in the technological verticals and business domains).

        We are flexible and offer the engagement model that most adheres to your business needs. Timspark delivers bespoke software development services, as we foster professionals who genuinely care about the value you receive from their work and go the extra mile to make it a reality.

        As a result, you receive a remarkably superior quality of work and faster time to market than a more traditional outsourcing setup may ever hope to provide.

        How big is your company?

        Our pool of engineering talents with deep technical and business expertise is vast and is constantly growing. Up to date, we have 30 pre-built Core Teams and about 1000 engineers onboard.

        Where are you based?

        With the headquarters registered in the UK, we also have regional offices in locations where engineers and teams are based, including Poland, Georgia, and Lithuania.

        What is a Core Team, and how is it organized?

        Core Teams are one of the engagement models our customers may choose from.

        A typical Core Team includes 2-5 seasoned professionals, with a Team Leader, a BA, developers, and in most cases, DevOps as crucial team players.

        As we work with unique business needs, the Core Teams are often augmented by a larger Project Team. If required, such Resource Departments of developers, QA engineers, DevOps, and other specialists are involved in the project. The ultimate principle remains the same — delivering the best quality possible and addressing your business goals with top-notch solutions.

        We use various business and management practices to build teams of highly motivated, galvanized aspiring engineers who do much more than just code and deploy. Moreover, we have arrangements with each Core Team that it builds its own brand and can become an independent company over time while maintaining a connection to Timspark.

        What types of clients do you work with?

        Timspark works with clients of various sizes and maturity and from multiple industries and geographies. We work with established global brands, small and medium-sized enterprises, and new start-ups at different stages of their funding journey. Some of our clients are traditional low-tech businesses, while others are disruptive and innovative, just as we are. What differentiates all our clients is understanding how a full-fledged, unbreakable, highly motivated engineering team can contribute to their immediate project needs and stay available to help in the future.

        What is your preferred development methodology?

        We prefer to work in accordance with Agile methodologies like SCRUM or SAFe, depending on project specifics. We can also apply the Kanban method if it fits the project or a specific phase.

        We are being flexible, keeping performance and fast time to market as the focus. Therefore, a pre-built team with a long history may come up with its own approach to work based on the processes and requirements of the customer.

        What’s your post-launch policy?

        Executing a project is not the point where we stop. Rather than the opposite, it is the point where we go beyond. A long-term relationship with the client is what we aim to establish, including the post-launch period. Whether you request product improvement, scaling, or functionality support, we are ready to provide quality services.

        Let’s build something great together

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