Mobile security app

Mobile Data Security Software for a Telecom Provider with 9.5M Users

As a part of a global team, our talented engineers built iOS and Android mobile security apps for a prominent US telecom giant.





A worldwide cybersecurity software leader, delivering cloud endpoint security for major enterprises while safeguarding data and ensuring regulatory compliance.

*We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

Project in numbers


2021 – Present


7 specialists

Team involved in the project


Cybersecurity, Telecom


Mobile Security Application


Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Android tools, Java, Jenkins, AWS

3 x iOS Developers

3 x Android Developers

1 x QA Automation Engineer  

Let’s build something great together


    Our client teamed up with a US telecom giant to build high-quality mobile data security software. Timspark led the international development team, enhancing an existing app with new features, a fresh design, data analytics, and an in-app subscription system.

    Related objectives

    Develop a mobile security app

    Improve data protection

    Upgrade app features and analytics

    Solution & functionality

    We played a key role in developing iOS and Android mobile security apps for a major US telecom and mobile services provider.

    Must-have mobile security app kit

    The app assesses device vulnerabilities, monitors network threats, and offers expert security recommendations. It proactively defends against hackers, phishing, and phone number-related vulnerabilities.

    The users stay informed with daily alerts and manage mobile traffic using a built-in VPN. All this with secure call recording and spam call blocking for a seamless mobile experience.

    Essential user roles

    The mobile security application accommodates four distinct user roles, each offering varying features and levels of data protection.

    • Users with an end-client SIM card enjoy access to the full array of application features.
    • Users with SIM cards from another provider have restricted capabilities, such as call logging and phone number vulnerability monitoring.
    • Paid subscription users benefit from comprehensive access to the app’s features.
    • Users with no paid subscription are granted restricted access to the functionalities.

    Results and business value

    We successfully developed a feature-rich mobile data security software for both iOS and Android, serving users in the US.

    Over 9.5M users secured

    This application keeps over 1.5M active and 8M passive users secure on a daily basis.

    Exceptional communication

    The client highly praised our development team of Android, iOS, and QA engineers for their technical expertise and communication.

    Future plans

    We still partner with the company to enhance the app’s functionality and provide ongoing support.

    The client reaps the rewards of robust data security for millions of users, a skilled development team, ongoing support, and the potential for cost-effective solutions, all geared toward delivering customer satisfaction and staying agile in dynamic cybersecurity and telecom sectors.

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