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      Software Development Staff Augmentation

      Enhance your expertise and technical capabilities, not just your team size. Select seasoned IT talents to build software solutions on time and cost-effectively.

      Let’s build something great together

        Challenges you can tackle with IT staff augmentation


        Bridge the skill gaps in your team
        Our vetted engineers can empower the in-house team with the technology and industry-centered expertise you need to level up your business.


        Accelerate your software delivery
        Extra development resources will reduce the workload from the in-house team, speeding up time-to-market and giving you advantage on the market.


        Gain strategic growth but stay flexible
        With augmented staff on board, you can act flexible, scaling the team up and down, distributing core and non-core tasks in line with your business strategy.


        Provide fast staffing and resource hiring
        Getting the right talents to your team is time- and effort-consuming. We will back you up with recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding.

        Benefits you get with staff augmentation

        With Timspark’s unique blend of skills and services, your business gains a power boost, unlocking new opportunities. Explore what our partnership can offer.


        With 1000+ highly collaborative and motivated vetted engineers on board, we cover a wide technology stack, like Python, Java, .Net, iOS, Android, React, Xamarin, AWS, Azure, and more.


        You can adjust the size of the augmented team based on where you are in the current production cycle. Hire standalone engineers or as many specialists needed to make up for the lack of expertise or resources.


        Turning to staff augmentation service, you get your development efforts doubled. Now you have a team working on-site during local hours and the team that develops in their time zone.


        We offer pre-vetted developers, screened and tested on various assignments. That helps you avoid risks of high costs that traditional IT team augmentation may pose.

        Expertise you can tap into

        Our tailored engagement models range from dedicated teams to staff augmentation, providing flexible solutions that meet diverse business needs.
        Timspark is at the forefront of emerging technologies. We leverage an extensive set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools to create bespoke tailored solutions for your business.
        Industry expertise
        Our engineers excel in 10+ business domains, delivering solutions with a steadfast commitment to high quality and speed.
        Fintech and banking
        Technological domains
        We harness cutting-edge technologies to help businesses transform in sync with the latest IT trends.

        Talents you can hire as your augmented team

        • 1,000+ vetted engineers
        • mid- and senior-level
        • available for full-time, long-term projects

        Back-end and front-end developers

        Project managers

        QA engineers

        Business analysts

        UX/UI designers

        DevOps engineers

        Available engagement models

        Choose from three engagement models, depending on your business needs. With either of them, you will enjoy superior quality and reach your business goals with top-notch solutions.

        Dedicated teams
        A cost-effective model for a long-term commitment, with a team assembled specifically for your project.
        After assembling, the developers stay continuously engaged, adding value throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Moreover, the team players have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the project’s success.
        Team augmentation
        A scalable solution to supercharge your team with a particular skillset from on-demand specialists.

        Our seasoned engineers can join forces with your in-house team on a short-term or during a busy period, at any stage of the project development. Onboard standalone engineers or hire as many tech specialists as you need to get precisely the skills tailored to changing business needs and optimize resources.

        IT project outsourcing
        Project-based engagement to help speed up the technology transformation of your business.
        Our full-fledged team, with a dedicated project manager, will take charge of end-to-end development for your project, including design, deployment, and testing. Let yourself focus on business growth while we take care of engineering challenges.

        Still not sure what engagement model suits you best?

        Let’s build something great together

          How to augment your team

          We guarantee staff augmentation services with a tailored approach, so that you bolster your team with the right skills hassle-free and efficiently.

          Discovering your needs

          We start with a thorough consultation via a call, where you tell us more about your business requirements, success criteria, timescale, budget and required skill set.

          Selecting developers

          As we get a clear understanding of your needs, within several days we provide CVs of in-house Timspark candidates with the required expertise. Then you can hold an interview with the developers you would like to onboard.

          Onboarding the augmented specialists

          Following the contract signings, you onboard new team members. We also offer support throughout the whole onboarding phase so that our engineers integrate effortlessly with your in-house team and processes.

          Performing and tracking

          The onboarded developers start performing and maximizing the value for your business. We keep clear communication ever after.

          Our success stories


          Do you still have doubts that staff augmentation service is the answer?

          Here are the most frequent concerns unveiled.

          What is IT staff augmentation?

          IT staff augmentation is mainly used to describe an engagement model where you bolster your internal team with extra specialists. The reasons may vary, from lack of competencies or talents in the local market to a high turnover rate or the need to speed up the time-to-market of the future product. The augmented specialists work as part of your in-house team or independently for a limited, short, or extended period of time. These could be an augmented team or standalone engineers.
          How does the staff augmentation model differ from others?

          Staff augmentation is one of the outsourcing models. You might consider it if you need precise expertise and skills but do not require a specialist on a long-term basis. For instance, you want to develop a module or feature for your software product, not the whole product itself.
          What are the stages of software development staff augmentation?

          The whole process of technical staff augmentation usually has four main stages: discovering business needs and requirements, interviewing and recruiting augmented staff, starting work, consulting, and providing support. However, this process may be more or less customized according to your needs and the provider’s capacity.
          What possible risks may arise when you turn to staff augmentation services?

          Potential risks when opting for staff augmentation services include:

          - mismatched skillsets when the skills of augmented specialists can misalign with your project requirements
          - communication challenges due to geographical and cultural differences, which may affect performance at the project
          - data security concerns caused by sharing sensitive information with external teams
          - integration challenges when augmented staff may not work seamlessly with your in-house team and processes

          How to avoid risks with implementation of augmentation services?

          To mitigate risks when choosing staff augmentation services, it's crucial to thoroughly vet the augmentation provider. Look for a company with a proven track record of successfully implemented projects and verified expertise. At the discovery phase, discuss your expectations, project scope, and requirements, and then clearly define them in the contract.

          How is it possible to evaluate the performance of the augmented staff?

          As with any other project, it is vital to establish KPIs for the team. Among them may be code quality, project milestones achieved, adherence to timelines, and others. Time tracking and project management tools will be helpful for smoothly integrating remote specialists with the in-house team. Overall, transparent communication, regular performance reviews, and clear reporting processes make the evaluation process not a burden but an effective mechanism to make your project successful.

          Scale up your team with skilled engineers

          Tell us about your software development needs, and we will find the right talents for your project.