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      POS Application

      POS Application Development: Faster Transactions and Larger Restaurant Crowds

      Our team equipped a restaurant chain with a custom POS application for fast transactions, 15% more patrons, and new NFC payments using Android, Discovery, HoReCa, and Java.
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      #Android #NFC
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      A restaurant chain in Europe with an intent to scale their hospitality business.
      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers

      9 months
      5 specialists

      The team involved in the project

      POS Application
      Kotlin, RxJava, Retrofit, Cicerone, Moxy, Custom Views, Toothpick

      1 x Project Manager

      1 x Business analyst

      1 x Android Developer

      1 x UX/UI Designer

      1 x QA Engineer

      Let’s build something great together


        We aimed to modernize POS systems for client’s authentic restaurants to boost competitiveness and customer experience.

        Related objectives

        Upgrade POS Systems
        Enhance Service Quality
        Maximize Restaurant Popularity

        Solution & functionality

        We proposed upgrading to Android POS with NFC mobile payments for faster transactions and error reduction.

        mPOS terminals for NFC mobile payments solution

        Timspark developed a mobile pay-at-the-table app integrated with the PAX A920 terminal, featuring NFC technology for instant transactions. NFC enables easy payment through card tapping or smartphone wallet apps, offering customers contactless checkouts right at their table. PAX 920 supports various payment methods, including QR code scanning, mobile wallets, Chip & PIN, and Swipe.

        Safe payments

        The cards are swiped at the terminal, which processes and transmits data via a secure protocol. Transaction details are stored in both the bank’s and restaurant owner’s databases for easy tracking. The Android POS application sends payment data to servers, notifies the cardholder of successful transactions, and prints receipts.

        User-friendly interface and future-ready integration

        Android frameworks and tools were utilized to create colorful, user-friendly layouts, distinguishing them from Linux’s monochrome interfaces. Custom API ensures seamless integration of new features and extensions, accommodating future plans for ordering and inventory tracking modes in the Android POS application.

        Results and business value

        We leveraged mobile technologies to speed up payments, boost table turnover, and optimize staff productivity in restaurants. This user-friendly innovation has not only improved daily operations but has drawn in a fresh wave of patrons.

        Efficiency through tech integration

        The mobile technology is integrated with PAX A920 terminals, resulting in lower risk of fraud, fewer chargebacks, and more creative tasks for employees.

        Elevated customer experience

        Transactions sped up fivefold, while attendance surged by 15% with user-friendly upgrades.

        Business growth

        Improved operational efficiency translated into increased revenue and paved the way for expansion opportunities in our client’s restaurant business.

        Benefits for client

        The new mobile way of doing things made the client’s day-to-day operations smoother, transactions quicker, and customers happier. Plus, they’ve seen more people dining in their restaurants, which set them up nicely for growth in the competitive restaurant business

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