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      Mobile Development

      and Consulting

      At Timspark, we have been creating mobile apps since 2008. Our unique business model fosters full-fledged development teams that provide the highest quality work and help our clients overcome challenges with bespoke technology solutions.

      years experience in mobile development and consulting

      projects of different complexity and scale

      full-fledged teams with unique expertise

      mid-senior developers with high performance and motivation

      Native app development

      Our squads of seasoned developers armed with cutting-edge Android and iOS technologies can create a secure, robust, and scalable mobile app development service compatible with a broad range of devices.

      We adhere to the quality standards established by Apple and Google, ensuring a seamless app upload to the App Store and Play Market.

      Go limitless, go mobile

      We provide custom mobile application development services of any complexity across multiple platforms and sectors — from consumer-oriented to enterprise mobile apps for B2B, B2C, or B2E sectors.

      Let’s build something great together

        Hybrid and cross-platform app development

        Our cross-platform mobile developers will create an app that would perform on various platforms just like native apps. Our distinctive contribution lies in the unified code base catering to all platforms.

        Technologies we work with

        Mobile technologies

        Mobile technologies

        • iOS
        • Android
        • Cross-platform
        • Wearables
        • Flutter
        • React Native
        • Cordova
        • Xamarin

        Native and cross-platform mobile apps development

        • iOS
        • Android
        • Swift
        • Java Script
        • Objective C
        • Kotlin
        • Xamarin
        • Flutter






        React Native



        Native and cross-platform mobile apps development




        Java Script

        Objective C




        Our mobile app development services

        From custom apps to audit or modernization, our teams are ready to deliver custom mobile application development services tailored to your needs.

        Audit and consulting
        • Comprehensive assessment identifying action points and areas for improvement
        • Detailed product roadmap
        Architecture designing
        • Scalable architecture
        • Clear design patterns
        UI/UX design
        • Clear and engaging interfaces
        • Smooth friction-free user experience
        Migration and modernization
        • Upgrade to the latest technology standards
        • Enhanced security and scalability
        • Holistic QA (testing throughout the whole development cycle)
        • Compliance with regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, PSI DSS, and FISMA)
        Prototyping, PoC, MVP development
        • Reliable products with all critical features
        • PoC or prototypes to test the viability of your idea on the initial level

        Our mobile application expertise

        At Timspark, we engineer custom mobile application development services that perfectly align with various business needs: whether enterprise-focused or consumer-driven, accommodating organizations of any scale.

        • Audio & video conferencing
        • Audio & video streaming
        • Voice assistant
        • Mobile business intelligence
        • BLE communication
        • Geographical tracking
        • QR scanners
        • NFC & RFID interaction
        • Augmented reality
        • Internal & external payments
        • Real-time chats
        • Chart visualization
        • Interaction with custom devices
        • Biometric sensors
        • Time tracking
        • Applications from scratch

        Industries in our focus

        Gain a cutting edge in the industry, whether you aim for anything disruptive in your usual domain or wish to make a bold entrance with a mobile app development service.

        • Finance & banking
        • Healthcare
        • Business management
        • Education
        • Retail & eCommerce
        • Tourism
        • Transportation & Logistics
        • Security
        • Automotive industry
        • Construction
        • Media & entertainment
        • Social networks

        Take your business to the next level with disruptive technologies

        Our success stories

        Mobile banking app development: Applications as a digital wallet

        Our team developed reliable, secure, and transparent e-payment Native Android and iOS applications that enable seamless online financial operations for individual and business users.

        Securing document management: Mobile app harnessing blockchain technology

        For an IT company developing high-quality tailor-made software based on blockchain technology, our team has developed mobile native apps for document management that is based on blockchain technology.

        Mobile Data Security Software for a Telecom Provider with 9.5M Users

        As a part of a global team, our talented engineers built iOS and Android mobile security apps for a prominent US telecom giant.

        Health Management App: Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment

        The team built a user-friendly asthma care app for iOS and Android platforms from the ground up, seamlessly integrating AI and ML algorithms.

        Unveiling history: Augmented reality travel app

        This innovative travel app with an augmented reality module, built-in Google maps, geolocation features, and educational content offers users the ability to witness historical events and visualize lost artifacts in immersive 3D.

        Transforming travel experiences: Mobile app for active travelers

        The travel guide app allows hikers, bikers and paddlers to explore the most popular routes around the world. With GPS, the app guides users along trails and towns even if their mobile devices are offline.

        Streamlining payments and operations: Loyalty card payment app

        Our team developed a solution for loyalty cards with built-in chips for NFC payments via PAX terminals. The application can read data from cards using NFC technology and top up loyalty card accounts through interaction with the server.

        Transforming communication and entertainment with a comprehensive super app

        Our team leveraged Native Android and iOS technologies to develop a super app that integrates mini-apps, unique features like archiving and favorites, and a range of functionalities such as audio/video calls, content streaming, and mini-games.

        Secured trading made simple: blockchain-based marketplace app

        White-label marketplace app for buying, exchanging, and selling crypto and fiat developed within Extreme Programming framework. The app delivers high software quality, responsiveness, and advanced security features such as request signatures, pin codes, and minimized-app blur.

        Why to choose Timspark as your mobile development strategic partner

        Tight-knit team of fully-certified experts with 15+ years of joint work

        Proven track record of timely and effective results

        In-depth know-how in specific business domains

        Cost-effective solutions compared to other service partners

        Fast and consistent delivery in priority

        Transparent processes and communications

        We appreciate your interest in Timspark