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      Healthcare data management software

      Healthcare Data Management: Cut 40% of everyday tasks in 4 months

      We’ve developed a healthcare data management software that makes it a breeze to gather and manage patient data.





      A European company, supplying healthcare data management software with operations in multiple centers throughout the EU.

      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers


      4 months


      17 specialists

      Team involved in the project




      Healthcare Data Management Software


      Python, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Power BI, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

      1 x Team Lead

      1 x Project Manager

      1 x Business Analyst

      3 x Backend Developers

      2 x Frontend Developers

      3 x Data Engineers

      2 x ML Engineers

      2 x BI Developers

      1 x QA Engineer

      1 x AQA Engineer

      Let’s build something great together


        The client sought to enhance healthcare provider data management processes, demanding seamless integration, easy patient record access, and strict data protection compliance.

        Related objectives

        Evaluate the current data flow design

        Overhaul the data flow completely

        Automate routine tasks

        Design a secure, high-functionality solution

        Solution & functionality

        We crafted an architecture and data flow for the healthcare provider data management, empowering the client’s staff to gather, analyze, and use patient data for tasks like assessing treatment outcomes and sharing essential information with insurance companies.


        Our healthcare data management software relies on Amazon Web Services as it’s secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

        Client staff input patient data in various formats, like images, videos, and text, which are sent to AWS and stored in a data lake. This data encompasses medical test results, appointment timestamps, and multimedia files from MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and more.

        Extract, transform, load (ETL) pipelines

        We’ve devised and enacted ETL pipelines to automatically consolidate data fragments from client employees into cloud storage.

        Data warehouse & data lake

        All data gathered through ETL pipelines is funneled via Apache Airflow into the data lake for refinement. After refinement, it’s forwarded to the data warehouse, serving various functions, including patient treatment consultation, efficacy evaluation, in-depth data analysis, and furnishing necessary information to insurance institutions.

        Access control

        The healthcare data management software safeguards sensitive data with a smart access control system. This system checks employee statuses from the client’s database, granting access to patient data solely to the specialists working with the patient. Exceptions are made for substitutes during healthcare worker absences.

        When data sharing is necessary, like for medical consultations or insurance requests, employees can request permission, and the healthcare data management software automatically facilitates secure data sharing, preventing accidental or intentional inclusion of extra information.

        Results and business value

        We’ve built a healthcare data management software that empowers workers to efficiently collect, store, and manage patient data, ensuring robust security measures to prevent leaks. Our software engineers have automated mundane processes and optimized healthcare provider data management for maximum efficiency.

        MVP launched in 4 months

        This application keeps over 1.5M active and 8M passive users secure on a daily basis.

        40% of dull tasks automated

        The client highly praised our development team of Android, iOS, and QA engineers for their technical expertise and communication.

        The healthcare data management software allows workers to concentrate on essential tasks instead of dealing with error-prone data flow management. Healthcare provider data management is aligned with government regulations and designed with the latest business intelligence expertise.

        Other cases


        Project Manager, Frontend Developers, UI/UX Designer, QA Engineer


        Kotlin, Swift


        Web Developer, Android Developer, Product Manager, QA Specialist, iOS Developer


        Kotlin, Swift, Cross-platform Flutter (Dart)/RN (JS)


        Cloud Architect, BAs, Project Manager, DevOps Engineers, System Engineers


        Jira, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, Load Runner, Selenium, ..

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