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      Clinical Data Management

      Clinical Trial Data Management Platform: Modernized System and Enhanced Performance

      Timspark migrated a clinical data management system populated with health and research records from the cloud to a new code-based platform. We revamped the platform’s architecture and handled ongoing support for the solution.




      The client is a global leader in developing pioneering healthtech solutions focused on driving innovative data management in clinical trials and the industry as a whole.

      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers

      Ongoing since 2016
      3 specialists

      The team involved in the project

      Clinical Trial Data Management Platform
      Azure, JavaScript, JQuery, Net 4.6
      3 x Full-stack Developers

      Let’s build something great together


        The main goal was to upgrade the outdated platform, turning the traditional e-data fetching solution into advanced software for clinical trial data management. Additionally, the client aimed to bolster the clinical data management software’s security capabilities by introducing HIPAA and GDPR compliance features.

        Related objectives

        System modernization
        Clinical data management upgrade
        Security and compliance improvement

        Solution & functionality

        Timspark revitalized the customer’s outdated clinical trial data management software by modernizing the solution’s architecture to eliminate technical debt, introducing new features, and transitioning to a new code platform.

        Data collection

        The primary function of the clinical data management system is to gather data concerning clinical trials for subsequent integration, management, analysis, and finding correlations. This solution supports the entire research process cycle and offers users advanced reporting capabilities.

        Data management

        The data-centric software for clinical trials is tailored for diverse medical organizations, aiming to digitize their internal processes. These organizations encompass medical labs, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotech institutions, and contract research organizations (CROs).

        Results and business value

        After completing the project’s active phase, involving an update to the solution architecture, code migration, and expansion of functional capabilities, the old platform has evolved into cutting-edge clinical data management software. It is entirely HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant.

        Higher performance

        We’ve enhanced the system’s performance, stability, and usability, elevating its appeal for data management in clinical trials across the market.

        Long-term vision

        Given the resounding success during our collaboration in the active project phase, our IT specialists seamlessly transitioned to providing long-term support for the solution.

        Benefits for client

        The client highlighted the exceptional skills of our full-stack developers. The company has finally found a partner that is both technically and regulatory savvy, as well as a good communicator.

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