AI/ML-based app

Health Management App: Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment

The team built a user-friendly asthma care app for iOS and Android platforms from the ground up, seamlessly integrating AI and ML algorithms.


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Project in numbers


12 months


6 specialists


1920 hours

Team involved in the project




Asthma management application


Android, iOS, Python, Dart, Flutter, Django, PostgreSQL

1 x Project Manager

2 x Flutter Developers

1 x DevOps Engineer

1 x Python Developer

1 x QA Engineer

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    The main goal was to develop a cost-effective care solution harnessing AI and ML algorithms that would assist both medical practitioners and individuals with asthma in treatment goals.

    Related objectives

    Develop the app’s functionality and design

    Integrate AI and ML algorithms

    Implement a set of features (calendar, reminders, statistics)

    Solution & functionality

    Our team developed an innovative asthma management app that harnesses the power of AI and ML algorithms and helps users monitor their symptoms, inhaler usage, environmental triggers, and have a better control over their health.

    Two users mode

    The app offers two user modes: patient mode and administrator mode.

    The end-users of the application are patients who have asthma. They can actively interact with the platform to ease the management of their symptoms. This involves inputting details about their primary and emergency inhalers, setting up daily reminders, and other functionalities.

    Administrators are responsible for keeping the machine learning algorithm up-to-date with relevant data. They also ensure that the inventory of available inhalers within the application is consistently maintained. This guarantees that patients always have access to their prescribed medications.

    Personalization: tracking, reminders, recommendations

    In their personal profiles users can perform multiple functions that help evaluate and monitor the state of their health.

    • Users can fill in the information about the primary and secondary inhalers, customize reminders and notifications to create a personalized schedule.
    • Users get an overview of the day, like possible health risks, symptoms triggers, and the list of inhalations planned.
    • In the personal dashboard, users can access the Calendar section with the weekly and monthly statistics.

    AI/ML-driven analysis and predictions

    Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms implemented in the app, users get accurate analysis and predictions of their health state.

    • Based on various factors like weather, humidity, and others, the app can evaluate the risk of asthma attacks.
    • With submitted audios, the machine learning algorithm analyzes how patients use their inhalers and produces a summary and recommendations for further fine-tuning and usage.

    Results and business value

    Our team launched the MVP in 2 months, developing an innovative, user-friendly mobile solution for asthma management.

    Personalized care

    Symptoms control

    User-friendly interface

    Reduced hospitalization cases

    The application tracks the patient’s condition, analyzes the information about the inhalations the patient takes, and provides personalized guidelines, alerts, and reminders based on the information provided.

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    TL, PM, BA, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Data Engineers, ML Engineers, BI developers, QA Engineer, AQA Engineer


    Python, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Power BI, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

    Cross-platform AI-driven Solution for Asthma Treatment


    Project Manager, Flutter Devs, DevOps Engineer, Python Developer, QA Engineer


    Android, iOS, Python, Dart, Flutter, Django, PostgreSQL


    Cloud Architect, BAs, Project Manager, DevOps Engineers, System Engineers


    Jira, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, Load Runner, Selenium, ..

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