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      Odoo ERP for eCommerce

      Odoo Implementation for ERP Processes with a 16% Surge in Online Sales

      Timspark offered Odoo ERP services to replace the client’s outdated, bespoke ERP system, execute CRM integration, and develop an AI chatbot to foster the company’s digital transformation.





      Our client is a US-based industrial equipment and components retailer with 50 employees. It is strategically positioning itself for business expansion within the fiercely competitive realm of e-commerce.

      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers


      7 months


      13 specialists

      The team involved in the project




      Odoo ERP for Ecommerce


      Odoo, JavaScript, React, Python, Google Ads API, PostgreSQL

      3 x Business analysts

      1 x Project manager

      1 x Back-end developer

      1 x Front-end developer

      2 x Odoo developers

      2 x QA engineers

      Let’s build something great together


        Our team aimed to solve the client’s outdated ERP issues like reporting problems, slow performance, and data silos with highly flexible and customizable software.


        Improve retail pipeline management

        Build smarter analytics and reporting

        Ensure advanced integration capabilities

        Solution & functionality

        We chose Odoo implementation to replace the client’s outdated ERP, leveraging its standard functions to meet 99% of their needs and adding custom features as required.

        Enterprise Resource Planning

        Our team’s Odoo ERP implementation automated critical business processes like inventory management, order processing, and financial reporting. We configured default features and added auxiliary functionality for online sales and POS terminals. Additionally, we implemented flexible pricing and compliant tax management and financial reporting modules.

        AI-powered Chatbot

        Using our AI expertise, we created an intelligent chatbot with advanced algorithms to automate rule-based tasks, reduce staff workload, and free up resources. Seamlessly integrated with the client’s website, resource planning, and customer management systems, our chatbot employs advanced AI to read user intentions and add human touch to automated customer support.

        Customer Relationship Management

        After the Odoo ERP implementation, we customized the CRM to integrate seamlessly and expand ERP capabilities. This centralized hub manages customer data, leads, and sales activities, automating processes like order generation and inventory updates. The CRM also streamlines customer management by centralizing contact details, purchase history, and communication logs for easy access and updates by sales reps.

        On top of that, we automated the e-commerce pipeline from lead capture to delivery. Pre-sale activities involve lead assignment and tracking, with additional features: 

        • Lead scoring
        • Automated emails
        • Reminders for managing quotes and feedback.

        Using Odoo-based CRM, sales reps easily handle customer support inquiries, service requests, and follow-ups to enhance customer loyalty.

        Paid Search Advertising & Branding

        We offered expert guidance on optimizing digital sales through Google Ads to drive increased visibility and targeted traffic. Our specialists also led a brand transformation, which resulted in heightened brand awareness and an influx of new customers to the client’s website.

        QR Codes

        As a tech-driven ERP Odoo implementation partner, Timspark improved inventory management using QR codes and enabled sales reps to track and label items accurately and streamline point-of-sale transactions. The unique QR codes printed on customer items facilitate quick and accurate identification, checkout, and access to discounts and promotions.

        Results and business value

        Timspark’s Odoo implementation liberates the client from outdated systems and fosters business growth. Our solution strategically enhances operational efficiency and profitability across all marketing activities.

        Benefits for client

        Timspark has successfully implemented a comprehensive Odoo system that replaces outdated ERP and boosts growth by integrating a custom CRM, QR codes for inventory, an AI chatbot, and optimized Google Ads. 


        more website visitors


        increase in online sales

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