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    IIoT platform for a manufacturing company: 20-30% boost in productivity
    The client turned to Timspark for IoT application development from scratch. Our team was supposed to build a smart web platform that would contribute to the whole production management ecosystem in one of the client’s factories, optimize its working processes, and improve productivity.


    The client is a large manufacturing enterprise in the EU, producing machine equipment for numerous partners worldwide.
    *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

    Project in numbers

    2020 — ongoing
    10 specialists

    The team involved in the project

    Industrial IoT platform
    C#, ASP. NET MVC, .NET Core 3, .Net 5, Web API, JavaScript, JQuery, TypeScript, Azure

    4 x Full-stack developers

    2 x QA engineers

    1 x UI/UX designer

    1 x Project manager

    1 x Solution architect

    1 x DevOps engineer

    Let’s build something great together


      Create an IoT monitoring platform that would manage all processes at the enterprise by gathering, analyzing, storing, and processing data.

      Related objectives

      Build a smart factory application
      Implement ML algorithms
      Increase the client’s production efficiency

      Solution & functionality

      The team built an IoT monitoring platform with several operational modules that help oversee processes and operations within the client’s enterprise.

      Predictive maintenance module

      Every piece of equipment is equipped with various sensors. They continuously monitor and transmit real-time data regarding the machinery’s temperature and vibration levels. The application sends notifications to operators on any unusual temperature rise, preventing automatic shutdowns. Afterwards, algorithms scrutinize the maintenance history and suggest an out-of-schedule maintenance check.

      Environmental control module

      Sensors identify diverse factors that influence the well-being and security of the factory workforce. Among them are humidity, temperature, and noise intensity. Additionally, the application supervises air quality and emission levels in industrial spaces. If these standards go over the limit, the system alerts operators and provides algorithms to address the issue.

      Manufacturing effectiveness module

      The platform gathers data from sensors for every production division and machine and analyzes their OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Users can see what critical factors influence OEE levels, detect potential issues, and resolve them. What is crucial is that the application collects performance metrics over a specified timeframe and helps operators see how key indicators progress.

      Quality assurance module

      With the IIoT platform, users can monitor the quantity and quality of components produced during one shift or any specified period. Also, they can have access to comprehensive details about each item, like production line, the count of rejected pieces, statistics, and more. Leveraging this information, system operators can spot production trends and the reasons behind elevated scrap rates and implement suitable measures to enhance the quality performance metrics.

      Results and business value

      Timspark has leveraged IoT for manufacturing and delivered a web application that monitors all the production processes, thus enhancing efficiency and mitigating risks. Also, our team provided maintenance and support services for the IIot platform they built. The client is eager to introduce new features and scale IoT for enterprise by applying it to other facilities.

      Higher productivity

      Streamlined processes and management

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