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    Bus fleet management software: 95% accuracy in real-time bus fleet tracking

    The team created an interactive dashboard for a bus fleet management software, improving the accuracy of bus timetables and passenger counts.





    A leading bus operator distinguished for its extensive array of transportation services, particularly in Europe.

    *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

    Project in numbers


    14 months


    5 specialists

    The team involved in the project




    GPS tracking software


    Python, Flask, Pandas, Azure SQL, Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Apache, Nginx, Prometheus, Grafana

    1 x Full-stack developer

    1 x BI developer

    1 x Data analyst

    1 x Project manager

    1 x QA engineer

    Let’s build something great together


      Improve the overall performance and user experience of the bus fleet management software


      Implement tracking of bus movement and resource allocation

      Update the dashboard to achieve data accuracy

      Make the user interface more intuitive

      Solution & functionality

      The team developed an advanced interactive dashboard system for the bus fleet GPS tracking with a user-friendly interface and focus on precise real-time data tracking.

      Interactive dashboard with GPS tracking and alerts

      Our team created a dynamic dashboard using data from IoT sensors, integrated with an Azure SQL database. Due to their ability to process and manage large datasets, the dashboard allows real-time tracking of buses and sending timely updates on bus positions, arrival times, any delays or schedule deviations, as well as passenger numbers.

      Enhanced data accuracy

      The system is designed to handle and analyze complex datasets, making predictions and assessments. The predictive algorithms evaluate past and current traffic data to recommend optimal routes and assess trends in passenger numbers. Through analysis of traffic patterns, weather conditions, and previous delays, the system foresees potential disruptions for planning. Altogether, these features help refine the transport schedules and bus frequencies, helping to reduce expenses and nurturing clients’ loyalty.

      Viewer and administrator roles

      The dashboard holds distinct user roles to accommodate diverse levels of engagement and operational requirements.

      Viewer role

      With the viewer role, users can access an interactive map with current bus positions, route status, and estimated arrival times in real-time, and a flexible analytics dashboard giving predictions about possible disruptions, allowing for route and scheduling adjustments and sharing reports.

      Administrator role

      Users with the administrator role have full control and supervision over the dashboard’s configurations and processes with data. They can customize the dashboard’s interface and features to evolving requirements and manage user access levels.

      Results and business value

      The new interactive dashboard for the bus fleet management software contributed to a more efficient, timely, and reliable transport service.


      faster data analysis


      reduction in operational delays


      accuracy in arrival and departure time tracking

      Benefits for client

      With implementation of a dashboard system and a user-friendly interface the bus arrival and departure times reached near-perfect accuracy, reducing wait times for passengers. Better operational performance and customer satisfaction was the ultimate goal of the client.

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