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      Cloud migration service

      Migrating a non-scalable corporate system to a cloud-based solution

      Our team launched a cloud migration service that enabled the company to streamline data analytics and automation within its corporate platform.





      Large e-commerce platform specializing in clothing, equipment, and accessories. 

      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers


      7 months


      14 specialists

      Team involved in the project




      Cloud migration platform


      Azure Data Factory, SSAS, Azure DevOps, Power BI, Salesforce Cloud, Python, Scala, SQL

      1 x Team Lead

      1 x Solution Architect

      6 x Data Engineers

      4 x Business Intelligence Developers

      1 x Business Analyst

      1 x Project Manager

      Let’s build something great together


        The major objective for the team was to migrate the customer’s corporate system to a cloud-based Power BI solution, and thus enhance its scalability and automation.

        Related objectives

        Reliable data storage

        Enhanced functionality for analytics

        Streamlined business procedures

        Solution & functionality

        The team moved the on-site platform to the cloud, constructed data repositories and refined analytics dashboards.

        Curated databases

        The initial challenge was the substantial amount of scattered data to migrate, some of which came with numerous discrepancies and some as part of unclean datasets. However, the team managed to make the transfer process as smooth as possible.

        To address the problem, our tech specialists created data marts (data storage systems specific to the organization’s business units): Operative, Employee Management, Financial, Supply Chain, and E-commerce. Data can be transferred here from various origins such as internal APIs, Salesforce, and Google Analytics, then converted and stored in the ultimate data storage.

        Full-cycle automation

        The team has successfully organized all data from various sources to be accessible within the Power BI platform, Despite challenges like data inconsistency and peculiarities in data representation. We implemented end-to-end workflow automation integrating all processes with data, such as extraction, mapping, filtering, as well as the creation of data marts and dashboards.

        Enhanced analytics dashboards

        With the existing cloud solution, the data is securely stored and automatically updated daily. Users can view all the selected data of internal processes, personnel administration, financial, supply chain operations, and marketing activities on customizable dashboards. Additionally, they can tailor how the data is displayed per their requirements. As a result, the end customer gains the basis for timely and data-driven decisions.

        Results and business value

        We have developed a reliable automated system with maximum code cleanliness and highly robust clusters for multiple data operations. The solution as a whole enables more resilience for the company and more effective data-driven decisions.

        Real-time data synchronization

        Information on products, their specifications and availability from the e-commerce platform and the internal system is being aligned and updated on a real-time basis.

        Visualization via dynamic dashboards

        The customer can analyze events inside the customer’s journey, from their initial website visit to the purchase (with data from Google Analytics and Salesforce), and prepare more customized campaigns based on their behavior.

        Improved delivery process

        The delivery process became more streamlined at all stages, on both the retailer’s and the customer’s sides.

        Benefits for client

        The team got positive feedback from both the customer and the end-user on the exceptional standard of development and efficiency of the app, as well as the effective communication throughout the project.

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