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    Call Center Monitoring Software That Automates 27% of Client Requests

    Timspark crafted a tailored AI-powered call center monitoring software for a major telecom enterprise, seamlessly linking operators and customers within an integrated platform.





    The client operates as an internet provider and offers a diverse array of internet services to customers situated across the European Union.

    *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

    Project in numbers


    13 months


    20 specialists

    The team involved in the project




    AI call center software


    React, Redux, Typescript, .Net Core, C#, .Net WebAPI, FluentMigrations, RabbitMQ, MassTransit, Windows, Linux, Python

    1 x Project manager

    2 x Business analysts

    2 x Front-end developers

    4 x Back-end developers

    3 x Full-stack developers

    1 x DevOps engineer

    1 x VoIP engineer

    2 x QA engineers

    1 x UI/UX designer

    1 x Solutions architect

    2 x ML engineers

    Let’s build something great together


      Our ISP client aimed to enhance customer satisfaction and support by developing custom call center software for improved scheduling. They required seamless integration with their CRM and task-tracking system to help operators quickly access client information and automate issue resolution.

      Major objective

      Empower customer service interactions with AI

      Related objectives

      Automate request processing

      Build intuitive interface

      Ensure security compliance

      Smoothly integrate infrastructure

      Solution & functionality

      Timspark created advanced AI-driven call center monitoring software to direct client calls to appropriate operators through AI-powered voice recognition and request identification. Our solution utilizes a .Net-based microservices architecture for robust back-end implementation, including SIP and soft PBX servers. 

      The front end, developed with React and Electron, offers a user-friendly desktop application interface. The system efficiently handles call routing, adhering to predefined regulations, and maintains GDPR compliance throughout its interconnected components to keep operator communication and responses swift.

      AI-driven voice recognition and call routing

      Our team integrated artificial intelligence into contact center operations to automate client support processes. Interactive voice response, call routing, and smart voice recognition capabilities are now managed by AI. Using modern natural language processing techniques and BERT models, the system engages callers, identifies their requests, and performs tasks like changing tariffs or ordering additional services. 

      For complex inquiries, the AI routes call to the appropriate operator or department to provide specialized assistance. Intelligent routing optimizes customer interactions and allows operators to focus on exceptional service delivery and the resolution of complex issues.

      Client request cards

      Our AI call center software automated card creation and enables operators to access and update client details quickly. When a call is received, the system identifies the client and presents their card with personal information and interaction history. Each card includes an action plan tailored to the request to guide operators through the resolution process with step-by-step instructions.

      Call recordings and statistics

      The call center monitoring software software securely stores call recordings and provides customizable statistics and tools for analytics. Supervisors can monitor performance metrics, track interactions processed by AI, and optimize team efficiency. This part of call center software features enhances issue resolution and facilitates call operator training through comprehensive call logging and recording.

      Automated task setting

      Integrated with the company’s task management and CRM systems, our call center monitoring software enables efficient task creation and assignment. Operators can generate tasks from client interactions, transferring all relevant details automatically. Task progress can be tracked within the system to provide supervisors with insights into workload distribution and resolution status.

      Results and business value

      Our AI call center software boosts task management, optimizes workloads, and streamlines customer support. Its user-friendly interface enables quick responses, while its flexibility promotes collaboration across departments beyond telecom services.

      Benefits for client

      Timspark’s AI call center software is a significant improvement that has reduced the workload for staff to keep focus on more complex customer issues.


      faster customer success


      of requests automated

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