Mobile security app

Mobile app for document and data security harnessing blockchain technology

The team developed a document and data management mobile app on iOS and Android platforms for a large blockchain technology company.





A leading blockchain technology company that has offered innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes since 2017. While they were managing the back-end development, the company assigned front-end development to our team that had the necessary expertise.

*We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

Project in numbers


2019 – Ongoing

now supporting and updating the product


7 specialists

Team involved in the project




Mobile app for document management


1 x Project Manager

4 x Frontend Developers

1 x UI/UX Designer

1 x QA Engineer 

Let’s build something great together


    The main objective is to launch a tool for reliable storage and verification of documents being stored within a blockchain system.

    Related objectives

    Establish workflow with client’s back-end team

    Define milestones and roadblocks in the delivery process

    Implement several services in both iOS and Android

    Solution & functionality

    Our professionals enhanced the client’s in-house team from the front-end development side. Together we launched an efficient solution on iOS and Android platforms for secure document management.

    Generation of new files

    Verification with a digital signature

    Uploading different file formats

    Validation and timestamping

    Sharing with ID-tags


    Results and business value

    The collaboration of client’s and our teams resulted in a convenient mobile app for managing documents and data through blockchain technology. The final product offers swift, user-friendly remote document sharing and effective data validation.

    Active users

    Passive users

    Customer satisfaction

    Benefits for client

    The client side of the application developed by our team received exceptional feedback from both end users and the client, resulting in complete customer satisfaction. The application is available on Google Play and App Store. Users can get Premium access with all functionality with usual payment methods and cryptocurrency.

    We work closely with the client collaborating on various other projects. Furthermore, we are actively enhancing the mobile application’s functionality and updating the solution architecture to meet evolving requirements.

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