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      Computer Vision in Agriculture

      How to Use Computer Vision in Agriculture for Detecting Diseased Banana Leaves

      Our team developed a computer vision software that checks banana seedling leaves for damage all on its own. We also use advanced analytics to help our client reduce crop loss probability.





      Top banana seeding supplier in the world

      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers


      4 months


      5 specialists

      The team involved in the project




      Computer vision software for plant disease detection


      Python, Pandas, Numpy, Pytorch, Streamlit, Opencv

      1 x Lead Data Scientist

      1 x Data Scientist

      1 x Data Engineer

      1 x Project Manager

      1 x QA

      Let’s build something great together


        The client was concerned about the possibility of using computer vision in agriculture to detect plant disease and prevent crop loss automatically. On the tech side of things, our team faced a scarcity of data available to train AI-based computer vision solutions.

        Solution & functionality

        We came up with a solution to place cameras in the greenhouse, putting them up high and to the side. These cameras take periodic snapshots of banana seedlings. The client can adjust the frequency of these snapshots.

        Deep learning for object detection and classification

        Timspark made a computer vision software module that grabs pictures of the leaves spotted by the camera. These pictures later get sent to the deep learning classifier model, which has a closer look at images and tells if a banana leaf is healthy or damaged. It can even figure out what kind of damage it is.

        Plant condition reports and analytics

        Our computer vision software checks out the uploaded pictures and generates a PDF report with the results. It further gives recommendations on what to do next based on the analyzed data.

        Results and business value

        Timspark didn’t just create and tweak the classifier model; we did it thoroughly, making sure it fits the project’s special needs and industry standards. The client is satisfied with the outcome and still partners with us on more projects to facilitate computer vision in agriculture.

        Benefits for client

        Thanks to computer vision services, the customer has successfully put this technology to work and significantly cut down on banana seedling losses.

        Other cases

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