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      AI-based Web Solution for Maximizing Sales

      AI-based Web Solution: X2 Sales Rise for Custom Sports Clubs

      The team developed an AI-based solution to automate the analysis of golf players’ positions and strokes, to boost sales for custom golf clubs manufacturing business.





      The client is a major manufacturer of custom golf clubs.

      *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

      Project in numbers


      3 months


      6 specialists

      Team involved in the project


      Sport and Entertainment


      AI-powered analyzer for golf players


      TensorFlow, Keras, Python, OpenCV, Mediapipe, LabelMe, MLFlow, NumPy, Colab, Matplotlib

      1 x Lead Data Scientist

      2 x Data Scientists

      1 x Data Engineer

      1 x Project Manager

      1 x QA

      Let’s build something great together


        Develop an AI-based product for analyzing golf players’ positions and strokes in order to design individually fitting golf clubs. The client was already using computer analysis software for analyzing the players’ movements and consistency of strokes and wanted to fully automate the process.

        Solution & functionality

        The team created an AI-powered solution capable of recognizing the golf club in a player’s hand and correctly estimating the angles of his joints (the posture).

        Detection of player’s positions and golf club

        Our team developed a model that successfully identifies the position of a person’s body, including their arms and legs, as well as the position of the golf club, using computer vision technology.

        Robust pose estimation

        Our developers enhanced the model to gather additional information by measuring the angles of specified body joints through computer vision technology. Data is captured either via a mobile device camera or via a pre-installed kiosk with a camera.

        Collection, analysis and processing of advanced metrics

        Timspark’s specialists developed and fine-tuned the classifier model to meet the project’s unique requirements. The model analyzes received images, determines the average class among all attributes of captured objects, and subsequently identifies the target audience for the advertisement.

        Results and business value

        The product was developed as an MVP. All the intended functionality operates with the help of computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies.

        Benefits for client

        The client remained highly content with the quality and speed of the team’s work. By successfully implementing the technology into their sales process, the client doubled their sales.

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