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      October Wrap-up: Timspark’s Journey Through Four IT Events

      October 26, 2023


      In October 2023, Timspark embarked on a whirlwind adventure through the world of IT and technology, attending four of the most prominent industry events across Europe and the Middle East. Our mission was to connect with innovators, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts, and we’re excited to share our insights and experiences with you. From IT security in Germany to the startup scene in Belgium, and then onto the dazzling tech extravaganza in Dubai, and finally to the future of fintech and e-commerce in Berlin, we had the opportunity to delve deep into the latest trends and developments in the tech world. Here’s a glimpse of our journey.

      1. it-sa Expo&Congress: Nuremberg, Germany 

      When: 10 — 12 October, 2023
      Where: Nuremberg, Germany

      The journey began in Nuremberg, Germany, at the it-sa Expo & Congress, known as the “Home of IT Security.” This event was a fantastic opportunity to delve into the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Timspark showcased the best strategies in management and technology designed to help businesses fend off cyber threats successfully.

      Over three days, our team engaged in intense networking, established new connections, and exchanged insights and industry news with like-minded professionals. Our Regional Business Director, Olga Karpova, described the atmosphere as “highly intensive,” with everyone focused on sharing their experiences and knowledge.

      “The conversations were happening in the language of technologies – Golang, Rust, AWS, and Azure,” added Alex Velesnitski, our Chief Technology Officer. This event reinforced the importance of constant vigilance in the ever-changing landscape of IT security.

      2. Leuven Slush’D 2023: Leuven, Belgium

      When: 12 October, 2023
      Where: Leuven, Belgium

      Leuven Slush’D 2023 was our next stop, taking us to the heart of the European startup scene in Belgium. With 257 startups, 135 investors, and 161 ambitious young minds in attendance, the event was buzzing with innovation. Konstantin Kariapin, our VP of Business Development, represented Timspark at this exciting gathering.

      As we bid farewell to Leuven, we expressed our eagerness to attend similar events in Helsinki the following month. The event underlined the importance of supporting the startup ecosystem and nurturing young entrepreneurs, a cause close to our hearts.

      3. Gitex Global: Dubai, UAE

      When: 15 — 20 October, 2023
      Where: Dubai, UAE

      Our journey continued with a dramatic shift in scenery, taking us from the heart of Europe to the bustling metropolis of Dubai. Gitex Global, the “Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World,” is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to technology and innovation. As a dynamic team passionate about technology and innovation, we were excited to be a part of Gitex Global’s 43rd edition.

      This event marked the convergence of tech powerhouses and groundbreaking startups, spanning areas such as AI, Cybersecurity, Mobility, and Sustainable Tech. It provided a platform to explore the real-world applications of AI and discover the latest technological advancements.

      Timspark made its presence felt at this colossal event, and we invited attendees to book meetings with key team members, including Pavel Gavrilenko, Konstantin Kariapin, Alex Velesnitski, and Samuel Krendel. The event allowed us to immerse ourselves in the power of AI solutions and strengthen our commitment to advancing the world of technology.

      4. Seamless Europe 2023: Berlin, Germany

      When: 18 — 19 October, 2023
      Where: Berlin, Germany

      Our journey came to an inspiring conclusion in Berlin, Germany, at the Seamless Europe 2023 event. Here, we had the opportunity to join innovators, business leaders, and entrepreneurs shaping the future of fintech, retail, and e-commerce.

      Throughout the event, our team, including Hanna Strashynskaya, our Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer and Olga Karpova, our Regional Business Director in Europe, conducted over 30 meetings, further strengthening our connections in the world of payments, fintech, retail, e-commerce, and delivery.

      While we couldn’t meet with everyone we had discussions with, we encouraged attendees to reach out to us and explore exciting opportunities at Timspark. The event was a testament to the collaborative spirit of the tech world, where sharing ideas and forging partnerships is key to innovation.

      In Conclusion

      Timspark’s journey through these four remarkable IT events was a testament to staying at the forefront of the technology landscape. We gained valuable insights, made meaningful connections, and explored the latest trends and innovations in the industry. As we return from this exhilarating journey, we look forward to leveraging these experiences to drive our technological advancement and innovation mission. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from us as we continue to push the boundaries of software engineering and explore new horizons in the IT world.

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