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    September Wrap-up: Timspark at Business Events

    September 29, 2023


    In September, Timspark employees attended five prominent IT industry events across Europe, and we’re excited to share their insights and experiences with you.

    1. Big Data Expo 2023: Uniting minds and forging partnerships

    Date: September 12–13
    Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

    Big Data Expo 2023 was an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of fascinating data companies and engage with some remarkable minds.

    Reflecting on these two days, here is what our colleagues Konstantin and Ilya shared with us:

    “Over two days, we conducted more than twenty meetings, reconnected with our partners, and explored potential future collaborations,” said Ilya Boroda, Timspark’s Head of Presales. “Some of these encounters marked our first face-to-face meetings, providing a tangible connection reaffirming our shared interests. Additionally, we forged new partnerships during the exhibition, recognizing the mutual potential for cooperation.”

    “During these intensive two days, we outlined future steps in all three focus areas. In certain cases, we have already scheduled discussions to delve into specific details of upcoming projects next week,” added Konstantin Kariapin, Timspark’s VP of Business Development.

    2. All About Automation: Navigating the future of technology

    Date: September 13–14
    Location: Wetzlar, Germany

    Our representative, Olga Karpova, had some profound insights to share from the #allaboutautomation event:

    “In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and automation, one thing remains crystal clear: robots are not people,” says Olga Karpova, our Regional Business Development Director in Europe. “While they have certainly revolutionized industries with their efficiency and precision, they are far from perfect. Robots constantly break down, demand human attention, and lack the ability to operate autonomously without human presence. However, there’s a way to navigate this landscape wisely and outperform your competitors: for instance, by choosing cutting-edge custom development solutions from Timspark.”

    3. EMO Hannover: Exploring the world of industrial equipment

    Date: September 18–23
    Location: Hannover, Germany

    The Timspark team made a strong presence at EMO Hannover, catching up with industry leaders and forging new connections.

    “The exhibition amazed me by its scale and the active interaction among all participants. The showcased equipment can potentially change the world, provided you know where to find the leverage point,” says Aleksey Moliboshko, our Market Researcher. “It’s heartening to witness how future partners discover each other and actively engage in these integrations. Nowhere else will you find such a vast assortment of drills available in all sizes and formats.”

    4. DMEXCO – Marketing meeting innovation

    Date: September 20–21
    Location: Köln, Germany

    The DMEXCO—Digital Marketing Expo & Conference was impressively vast, spanning three halls and offering numerous opportunities for collaboration.

    “In two days, we held over 40 meetings,” shared Hanna Strashynskaya, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Timspark. “Many discussions revolved around potential partnerships, with numerous companies showcasing referral programs and actively seeking collaboration. It’s safe to say that we’ll be leaving this conference with a host of new connections and the intention to nurture these relationships.”

    “Our meetings with Mondu, Talon.One, Mazing, Pimcore, and Supermetrics, left a positive impression,” added Ilya Boroda, Head of Presales at Timspark. “There’s potential for collaboration in the Power BI domain and beyond.”

    5. IoT Tech Expo World Series: Navigating the IoT landscape

    Date: September 26–27
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The IoT Tech Expo World Series event in Amsterdam provided a specialized platform for exploring IoT hardware, software, and consulting solutions.

    “In total, we had over 20 meetings during the event. We had the pleasure of connecting with a diverse array of participants,” said Hanna Strashynskaya, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Timspark. “For our next visit, I would like us to consider having a booth where we could better present our case studies and services or bring team members who have worked on IoT projects.”

    Timspark’s participation in these events exemplifies our commitment to innovation, partnership, and staying at the forefront of the IT industry. We look forward to the opportunities and collaborations that will undoubtedly emerge from these exciting events.

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