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    Quick Turnaround and Seamless Integration: iOS SDK Development for a Telecommunications Company
    Anna Polovnikova

    Anna Rozhentsova, Content Writer

    July 9, 2024

    As Timspark excels in mobile app development and consulting, we are always enthusiastic about accomplishing projects in the field.

    Recently, Timspark was chosen by a telecommunications company specializing in video streaming quality assessments for providers. Our client needed to finalize their iOS SDK with the missing features. We successfully delivered the project based on the client’s requirements and specifications, earning a new 5-star review on Clutch.

    SDK development

    Timspark’s task was to complete this development, leveraging the existing code base to implement the missing functionalities and meet the specified requirements.

    We swiftly assigned the iOS developer to the project to avoid implementation delays. Given the project’s small scope and clear requirements, formal project management was minimal. The client was impressed with the developer’s seamless onboarding process and strong communication skills.

    Key deliverables included:

    • An analytics library compatible with AVPlayer;
    • A demo application showcasing the library’s integration;
    • Auto-generated documentation derived from the code.

    Timspark’s expertise and dedication ensure the client’s satisfaction, highlighting their proficiency in software development services. Discover more of our successful projects on our Clutch profile.

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