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    HR Software solution

    HRM web solution streamlining internal processes for 1K+ employees

    Our team developed a corporate HRM web application with an ‘admin-first’ approach that accelerates all the key HR processes and administrative tasks, from recruiting and onboarding to tracking personal development and benefits.





    An international software development company that delivers a large spectrum of IT services ranging from IT consulting to IT staff augmentation and building advanced software solutions.

    *We cannot provide any information about the client or specifics of the case study due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions.

    Project in numbers


    Ongoing (6 months for MVP)


    13 specialists

    The team involved in the project


    Business management


    Database software


    Java, Kafka, React, Redux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Bitbucket pipelines, AWS EKS

    7 x Developers

    1 x Business analyst

    1 x Project manager

    2 x QA specialists

    1 x DevOps Specialist

    1 x UX/UI Designer

    Let’s build something great together


      This web solution needed to incorporate a module system with specific modules for user and access control, process management, and data administration while remaining resilient and adaptable to both internal and external changes.

      Related objectives

      Enable data centralization within one system

      Allow adding new features without significant refinements

      Integrate dashboards with analytics

      Allow assigning the employee accountable for a specific process/task

      Integrate and optimize business processes

      Reduce the company’s operating costs

      Solution & functionality

      Our software development team built an automated web application and introduced a highly flexible database to correspond to frequent updates in HR and business processes. All the added features improve the handling of staffing issues and routine administrative tasks.

      Employee Profile

      Previously, employee information was scattered, lacking a centralized hub. Now, the HRM system consolidates all processes into a single platform. It enables task assignments, comment submissions, and filters employee data, allowing results to be saved in spreadsheets for analytics. In the Employee Profile tab, specialists access general info, Skills Management section, Development Plan, one-on-one meeting functionality, and document sharing. The system streamlines employee data management, improving decision-making and enhancing HR processes.

      Centralized system with flexible settings

      Frequent changes in the company structure, employee functions, and overall internal business processes needed centralization. To address this challenge, we upgraded the employee data storage and empowered it with highly flexible settings to easily update and obtain the information. We enabled access to organizational structure, advanced search, and quick employee searches using filters like name, administrative units, positions, managers, and employee filtering by professional expertise, skills, and more.

      Within our HRM application, we’ve introduced the following functionality:

      • Company structure tab
      • Organizational structure presented in both tree and list formats
      • Comprehensive employee list with various filtering options
      • Efficient employee search

      With these enhancements, we’ve streamlined access to crucial company information, making it more accessible and beneficial for the employees.

      Localization of HR processes

      Businesses based in different regions adhere to specific legal norms and HR processes, such as contract models, vacation management, probation, days off, and calendar plans. Our specialists faced this challenge by building a flexible modular structure within the Processes tab. Users are provided with a current set of options:

      Create process drafts and efficiently oversee existing processes.
      Receive automatic alerts when final versions of processes are prepared and published.
      Provide multilingual support, ensuring a more inclusive experience for users.

      Improved leave management

      Leave policies vary by office location, including time off procedures, probationary periods, and allotted days. This diversity may pose challenges, especially when employees relocate. The system simplifies sick days requests, providing a clear overview of time off entitlements, upcoming leaves, and request history.

      We have introduced the ‘Time off’ tab which displays leave balance, requests details (leave type, date, duration, quantity, and request status, subordinate requests) enabling managers to review their subordinates’ leave requests. Data export streamlines record-keeping in accounting programs.

      System settings

      Frequent changes in the company organization, employee roles, and operational procedures called for centralizing. We have introduced the bulk change feature with an intuitive UI in the “System Settings” tab to achieve this. It encompasses the company structure, allowing users to apply changes in bulk through a user-friendly interface.

      Additionally, we incorporated smart filtering within the company structure section. Users can filter data by unit, division, department, team, group, and more. On one hand, this empowers users to seamlessly relocate employees to new locations or departments with a single click. On the other hand, filtering enables users to select multiple parameters and swiftly access pertinent information efficiently.

      Corporate mobile application

      To gain an opportunity to work efficiently on the go, we integrated the ecosystem with a corporate mobile employee HR app that duplicates the main HRM system functionality and makes corporate workflow information easily accessible. The mobile app covers key corporate needs, such as access management, company structure, employee viewing, time off processing, main settings, and notifications.

      Results and business value

      Our specialists helped to enhance the organization’s operational flow by developing a secure modular web HR software solution.

      Fully functioning app to distribute on a SaaS basis

      Improved workflows

      Reduced operational costs

      Flexible system

      Stable system performance and security

      The new HRM system optimized processes and reduced costs for a large firm with 1,000+ employees. Our software team continued to enhance the cross-platform HRM app, making it available globally via SaaS.

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