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      Timspark Talks with CTO Alex Velesnitski – The Intersection of Innovation and Technology

      December 14, 2023


      In this video interview, our CTO, Alex Velesnitski, shares his insights on technology, innovation, and the evolving landscape of IT services. For those who prefer a summarized read, we’ve also provided a concise version of the key points discussed.


      00:00 – 00:55 – Joining Timspark

      Alex was drawn to Timspark’s commitment to innovation and its culture of continuous learning. He saw the opportunity to contribute to a team that values technological advancement and service excellence.

      00:55 – 01:40 – Technology Strategy and Business Goals

      Aligning technology with business objectives is crucial, especially in IT services. Alex emphasizes the importance of understanding business goals and employing Agile, Kanban, and Scrum methodologies for effective communication and project management.

      01:40 – 01:58 – Embracing AI and DevOps

      Timspark is at the forefront of integrating AI into its services. Alex believes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive the IT field forward, underscoring the role of AI in Healthcare, NLP, Cybersecurity, Autonomous vehicles, and Fintech.

      01:58 – 02:18 – Building Effective Teams

      The key to successful technology implementation lies in assembling talented teams. Alex discusses the importance of hiring the right people and fostering a culture of innovation and technological excellence.

      02:18 – 02:51 – Iterative Development and KPIs

      He advocates for an iterative approach to development, focusing on delivering shippable products at every phase. Establishing clear KPIs and metrics is vital for maintaining high standards in software development.

      02:51 – 03:12 – Risk Assessment

      Risk analysis is integral to project management. Alex highlights the need for thorough risk assessments to weigh the pros and cons of critical feature development.

      03:12 – 05:34 – AI Trends in Various Sectors

      The conversation takes an exciting turn into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where Alex outlines significant trends and predictions in various sectors like healthcare, cybersecurity, and FinTech.

      Instead of Conclusion

      Whether you’re here to watch the full interview or for a quick overview, we hope you find Alex’s insights enlightening and inspiring. Stay connected with the Timspark blog for more thought-provoking discussions and updates from the tech world!