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    Timspark Talks with Relationship Manager on Intercultural Communication and Trust

    Anna Rozhentsova, Content Writer

    June 12, 2024


    We are rolling out a new episode of ‘Timspark Talks’, the project where we share insights from our team players.

    This time our Relationship Manager Viktoryia Markevich shares her enthusiasm for connecting with people from around the globe and how her background in intercultural communication drives her success in helping businesses overcome challenges and flourish.

    What’s in the video?

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    Vicky introduces herself and her position at Timspark. She explains the significance of intercultural communication and its vital role in her daily interactions with global clients. Vicky believes that the willingness to negotiate can enable individuals to overcome any obstacle.

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      How Timspark stands out

    Vicky outlines what differentiates Timspark in the tech sector. With a team of over 1500 skilled engineers, Timspark can manage projects of any complexity. She highlights the company’s dedication to transparency, integrity, and fair pricing. At Timspark, there are no hidden fees, and the team is ready to showcase their expertise by performing tech tasks for free before initiating any project.

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      The importance of trust in business

    Vicky explores the importance of trust in today’s business environment. Trust is crucial for effective collaboration, project success, and smooth communication. By promoting open communication and building trust from the outset, Timspark ensures clients can focus on their business objectives with confidence and tranquility.

    Discover more insights from Timspark team players on our values, approach, and company’s highlights on our dedicated channel.

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