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      Timspark Shines at Seamless Middle East & Saudi Arabia in Dubai

      Hanna Strashynskaya, Chief Marketing Officer

      May 30, 2023


      We recently attended Seamless Middle East & Saudi Arabia, a remarkable gathering that united thought-leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from e-commerce, retail, payments, fintech, and identity under one roof. This high-profile conference catalyzed ground-breaking ideas and business trends. As we reflect on this fruitful experience, we’d like to share our key observations and insights from the event to encourage better preparedness and participation for those in our network.

      Observation 1: The event was packed but not overcrowded, with the venue offering a conducive environment for networking and interaction. The presence of distinguished personalities and media accentuated the high level of the conference.
      Hint 1: Prepare for high-profile networking opportunities. Be ready to interact with leaders and influencers in your industry. This requires having your elevator pitch ready and being prepared to listen and learn from others’ experiences.

      Observation 2: The conference was not limited to specific areas, fostering discussions on various industry directions and resources. There was also potential for collaboration with fellow participants who needed assistance in project implementation and solution integration.
      Hint 2: Be open to collaborations and cross-industry discussions. Bring innovative solutions and implementation ideas, as you may find opportunities to synergize with potential partners.

      Observation 3: Business cards played a significant role during the conference, facilitating initial connections and potential collaborations.
      Hint 3: Always have an ample supply of well-designed business cards. In this digital era, business cards provide a tangible, personal touch that can make you stand out.

      This year the event has been a record-breaking year for #SeamlessDXB, with 20,608 attendees over two days.

      Feel free to drop us a line to schedule a face-to-face meeting or look for us at the event.

      Observation 4: Meetings were prepared in advance with business cards and small gifts, a detail that made a positive impression.
      Hint 4: Plan your meetings beforehand and consider carrying along small, thoughtful gifts. This attention to detail can make a significant difference in forging long-lasting business relationships.

      Observation 5: Despite the variety of attendees from different regions, aligning service offerings and quality expectations could be challenging.
      Hint 5: Research the attendee list and understand the business needs and preferences of the region before the event. Tailoring your offering and communication to fit the regional context can be a game-changer.

      We held around 15 high-quality meetings during the conference, which, albeit exhausting, were rewarding and insightful. We recommend pairing up for appointments for future events to share the workload and boost productivity.

      We at Timspark believe in sharing our experiences to inspire change and spark innovation within our community. We look forward to participating in similar events, possibly even having our booth next year, as we strive to connect, learn, and grow continually.