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    List of IT events in Q2'24

    Download the list of IT events in Q2'24!

      Unlocking New Opportunities: Essential Guide to Must-Attend Tech Events in Q2 2024
      Anna Polovnikova

      Anna Rozhentsova, Content Writer

      April 17, 2024

      Must-attend tech events 2024

      At Timspark, we specialize in software development and digital transformation consulting. To ensure we’re always at the cutting edge, we actively participate in IT events. This experience makes us well-versed in discerning which events are worth attending and how they can benefit businesses.

      Drawing upon our experience and expertise, we have compiled a guide to tech events of Q2 2024. This ready-to-use list is a valuable resource for businesses looking to make informed decisions and plan strategically.

      Each event featured in the list has been carefully chosen according to its potential to deliver valuable insights and connections. It is not limited to a mere list but also includes reasons and recommendations why attending them might benefit your business. Whether it’s the chance to connect with industry leaders, learn directly from experts, or explore new tools and technologies for innovating within your organization, you will be able to browse all of them and eventually pick the most suitable events that could present unique opportunities for your growth and progress.

      Start mapping out your schedule now by downloading the guide from our website. It takes a moment of your time to fill in the form, and you will get the guide asap. And hopefully, see you at the upcoming events